Harbour Constructors Co. is a general engineering contractor specializing in marine construction.

The main thing to know is Harbour Constructors Co. prides itself on utilizing quality materials and workmanship. With 45 years of experience in the industry, many of our clients are repeat customers, a testament to our competitive prices and superior quality.

We have facilities in Huntington Beach and San Diego, giving us the geographical advantage to service virtually all of Southern California.


Our docks are constructed for strength and stability from the start. From in-house design to thru-bolted cleats, HCC docks stand up to the test of weather and time.

Sea walls

HCC has extensive experience with sea walls: timber pile repair, pile driving, bulkhead and cap repair, tieback anchors, and much more.


HCC offers turn-key services and can coordinate all aspects of your marina construction including engineering, design and permitting.


Other Structures

HCC has experience with pier construction, reinforced concrete structures, bridges over land and water, aqueducts.

Work In Progress on “B Dock” at the Marriott Marina


Did You Know?

  • All docks and dock systems require some level of annual maintenance; lack thereof causes premature damage and failure.

  • Sea walls should be monitored yearly, as preventative measures are significantly less expensive than repairs.

  • Degraded or damaged timber piles are potentially repairable if proactive measures are initiated in a timely manner.

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