Sea walls

Sea walls, also referred to as bulkheads, look different depending on how your waterfront community was designed. All seawalls have one thing in common- they protect your property’s foundation from eroding into the water and keep your property on land where it belongs. Harbour Constructors specializes in repair for on-water homes and commercial properties.

Sea Wall Services

Installation of tieback anchors in Coronado, California

  • Bulkhead Crack Repair

  • Pile Cap Repair

  • Pile Driving

  • Timber Pile Repair

  • Tieback Anchor Installation

  • Sea Wall Inspection

Did You Know?

The biggest threat to a seawall’s integrity is when sea life turns your home into their own. Marine borers, eel fish, and shipworms can eat away at your seawall creating voids under your home. Don’t put it off- have your seawall inspected by a professional and know what your property is resting on.

Section of damaged sea wall timber pile

Section of damaged sea wall timber pile

  • Sea walls should be monitored yearly, as preventative measures are significantly less expensive than repairs.

  • Degraded or damaged timber piles are potentially repairable if proactive measures are initiated in a timely manner.

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